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Become an ATLAS Fellow

The World Needs Your Brilliance

You have the ambition, talent, and work ethic to succeed, but too often that is not enough.  As an ATLAS Fellow, you will receive the financial support, professional networking, and caring mentorship necessary to leverage your work ethic, maximize your talents, and fulfill your ambitions.  Together, we will change the face of finance.     

Program Details


ATLAS offers up to $20,000 a year in financial assistance for college. The last-dollar scholarship covers remaining tuition costs after all grants and other aid have been applied. In some cases, ATLAS Fellows with remaining scholarship dollars may use funds to cover the cost of additional educational expenses. The scholarship is renewable each year, up to four years.


ATLAS Fellows receive four years of paid, full-time summer internships at prestigious financial institutions. Starting in the summer after high school graduation, and through the summer between a Fellow’s junior and senior year of college, participants are guaranteed an internship where they will develop the experience and network to obtain a career in finance. Internships are also paired with ATLAS programming which includes community events and guest speakers. Former speakers include Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice as well as representatives from Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley.


Each summer, ATLAS Fellows are paired with a mentor at their internship placement. This one-on-one relationship provides guidance, supervision, and personal and professional support. Fellows can continue to call on mentors in the future for career advice and networking support.


Fellows receive lifetime membership to the ATLAS community. Together, Fellows learn from and support one another, building relationships that last beyond college and into their professional careers. During the summer and the school year, ATLAS hosts virtual and in-person events for each specific grade that include career panels, discussions on a wide range of financial topics and social hours.

ATLAS - Program Benefits

Kevin Serrano, 2021 Fellow


Up to $20,000 in financial aid for college education and other costs, each year


Best-in-class, paid, full-time summer internship program at financial institutions where you can develop the professional knowledge and network to enter a career in finance/business


General professional development training to equip you to be successful in the 21st century workplace environment


Lifetime membership to a community of past, future, and present ATLAS Fellows

Am I Eligible?

Are you a talented young person, passionate about pursuing a career in financial services? Read on to see if you are eligible to become an ATLAS Fellow.

Are you a senior?

Are you currently a high school senior planning to attend a four-year college or university? Do you have a GPA of 3.5 or higher?

Do you have a passion for finance?

Do you excel in math classes in school? Are you interested in stock markets and trading? Do you get excited about business?

Do you face college or career barriers?

Is the cost of college insurmountable? Are you the first one in your family to attend college?

Do you live in one of the areas listed below?

Chicago, IL
New York City, NY
Teton County, WY

If so, you’re eligible for the ATLAS Fellowship!

Who We Are Looking For

Aside from our eligibility requirements, we are also looking for prospective Fellows who possess strength of character, commitment to community, and high potential for leadership. ATLAS Fellows are:  

ATLAS - Our Students

Suzie Mendez, 2021 Fellow


Works hard to achieve academic and social success, even when it does not come easily

Exceptional work ethic

Possesses a great deal of stamina to pursue one’s dreams and is always the first one to volunteer to help

High degree of agency

Has a strong belief in one’s power over the outcome of events in life, and perceives one’s successes as the result of hard work

Team player

Works well with others and forms strong and authentic bonds with people of different backgrounds

Intellectual curiosity

Demonstrates real interest in unfamiliar topics and ability to drive one’s own learning



Fellow spotlight

Alice Duska

University of Michigan


Alice Duska

I became an ATLAS Fellow to acquire the knowledge and experiences to master the content and make it more accessible to everyone. Coming from a first-generation immigrant family, I have seen the challenges of understanding or decoding the business world, and I would like to simplify these concepts for people of various backgrounds and education levels. I would also like to make my parents proud for all the hard work and sacrifices they have made for me.

Kevin Serrano

DePaul University

Economics & Finance

Kevin Serrano

I became an ATLAS Fellow because my future career aspiration is to become a corporate lawyer working in finance. ATLAS will help me obtain valuable work experience in the field and support my journey through college. ATLAS gave me the ability to showcase my efforts and challenged me to grow in professional settings. As a child of immigrant parents from Mexico, I want to influence people in similar circumstances to persevere and seek every opportunity available to them.

Valerie Stevenson

University of Utah


Valerie Stevenson

I became an ATLAS Fellow because I want to prove to my parents that the sacrifices they made were for something. This opportunity is a great start to my future success in a finance career, and with all the help from the amazing people that support me through ATLAS, I truly believe that I will be able to make my parents proud. This program has helped me chase my goals, and it has given me the opportunity to be able to attend my dream college and pursue my ideal life.

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