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We transform finance by opening doors for brilliant and under-resourced young people to access life-changing careers.

Phoebe Anderson, Executive Director

Phoebe is an energetic leader who is fueled by ATLAS’s focus on talent and education. She holds a bachelor’s degree in history from the University of California-Berkeley, and her first professional job after college was teaching sixth- and seventh-grade students. In addition to teaching, for nearly two decades Phoebe has worked at local and national nonprofit organizations to create positive conditions that enable students to realize their full potential. Along with her husband and two young children, Phoebe resides in Chicago where, year after year, the Chicago Cubs continue to break her heart (except for 2016, of course.)

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Emil Kim, Director of College and Career Success

Emil is a committed and seasoned educator and leader, striving to make the world a better, kinder, and more just place for all young people, including his two daughters. He has traveled the world, working, teaching, or volunteering in places as varied and far-flung as Korea, Kenya, and New Jersey. Immediately prior to working at ATLAS, Emil served as the Director of Programs at SEO Scholars, a college access and success program for underserved, under-represented public high school students in New York City and San Francisco. Emil values and appreciates the inspiring power of community and the impact caring people can have on each other and the world, despite all recent evidence to the contrary. When not at work, Emil writes a little, reads a little, and does his best to be a good father. Like his colleague Phoebe, Emil roots for a cursed baseball team, though his team resides in Queens.

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