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April 25, 2023

“I am now ahead of the game”: a Q&A with ATLAS Fellow Grace Gorreja

Why did you join ATLAS Fellows?

I am someone who is passionate about understanding things outside the realm of my reach, and with very limited knowledge about the field of finance, I joined ATLAS Fellows to explore new opportunities. ATLAS has granted me an inside look at finance and helped improve my networking skills. I can gladly say that, after one year of being a Fellow, ATLAS has not only evened the playing field for me but I am now ahead of the game. I’ve also gained a lot of confidence during my time as an ATLAS Fellow.

What did you learn last summer during your internship at Balyasny Asset Management? 

Last summer I was a Long/Short Equity intern, and I learned how to efficiently analyze different tickers thoroughly to arrive at differentiated conclusions on whether to short or long a company. My favorite experience was tracking my chosen companies—including a consumer goods company and a discount retailer—in real time with my own Bloomberg account.

I also spent the summer surrounded by individuals who were highly invested in my growth and development. My internship at Balyasny gave me the independence to put my skills to use in a real-world setting, and I’m excited to put them to use again this summer in a rotational internship at an investment bank.

What advice do you have for those who are interested in becoming ATLAS Fellows?

One piece of advice I would give to those interested in ATLAS Fellows is to be your unique selves. Anyone can have good grades, but this program is about so much more than that. It is important to demonstrate your skills and hobbies to allow your personality to shine through. ATLAS is looking for individuals who not only show a strong passion for finance, but who are also eager to step into environments outside of their comfort zone to show they can quickly adapt and thrive. What makes ATLAS so fun is the diversity of personalities you will encounter in the cohort, and because of this there is never a dull day. Lastly, always ask questions! All the ATLAS mentors and directors are fully equipped to support and guide you through your summer internships. Never feel afraid to ask for clarification or support.

What is your advice to financial firms who will employ Fellows in the future?

ATLAS Fellows is a program worthy of partnership. Every ATLAS Fellow is diligently hand picked not only because of their academic success, but because they show a strong passion to solve any challenge thrown at them while also integrating their own personality along with it. Whether it is forming investment clubs or starting their own businesses, you will find a wide range of experiences and personalities at ATLAS, and that’s what I believe makes ATLAS so great.


Grace Gorreja