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October 5, 2023

Merwan Nur

During my teenage years, I became really interested in business and finance. At first, I thought that going to college would be enough to lead me to success in the finance world. However, being both African-American and a first-generation college student, I quickly realized it wasn’t that straightforward. This realization led me to join the ATLAS Fellows program, with the hope that it would provide me with scholarships and help me break into the finance industry. As I went through the program, I came to understand that what truly matters within ATLAS is the people – the mentors and the community. While the internships they offer are valuable experiences, their true significance comes to light within the supportive ATLAS community and under the guidance of mentors who are dedicated to pushing you toward your best self. ATLAS hasn’t just prepared me for a finance career; it has completely transformed my life’s trajectory.