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Introduction to ATLAS Fellows & Application Process

ATLAS Fellows opens doors for brilliant, under-represented, and/or under-resourced young people to give them access to life-changing careers in the finance industry.  

An ATLAS Fellow demonstrates outstanding merit and an interest in a career in finance. The program helps students achieve college and career goals by providing four years of financial support, career advising/experience and mentorship including:

  • Up to $20,000 in financial aid for college tuition and other educational expenses for four years  
  • 4 years of best-in-class, paid, full-time summer internships at prestigious financial institutions where Fellows develop the professional knowledge and networks to enter a career in finance 
  • Mentorship and professional development training to equip Fellows to be successful in the 21st century workplace  
  • Membership in a community of current ATLAS Fellows and alumni 



  • High school seniors on track to graduate and enroll in a four-year college or university 
  • Reside in or attend school at one of the following locations/areas: Chicago, IL; New York City, NY; or Teton County, WY 
  • Must be a US citizen or legal permanent resident in the US
  • Under-represented in finance and/or low-income background (Exceptional students who have overcome significant obstacles will be considered.)


  • Exceptional academic ability and stellar record of achievement
  • Current unweighted GPA of 3.5+ 
  • Challenging course selection, with emphasis on STEM and/or finance-related high school classes, including but not limited to advanced mathematics, computer technology/coding, sciences, and/or business
  • Demonstrated interest in a career in STEM, accounting, banking, business, or finance 


  • Achievement-oriented: works hard to achieve academic and social success—even when it does not come easily 
  • Exceptional work ethic: possesses a great deal of stamina to pursue one’s dreams and is always the first to volunteer to help 
  • High degree of agency: has a strong belief in one’s power over the outcome of events in life, and perceives one’s success as the result of hard work 
  • Skilled time management: ability to prioritize effectively based on academics and extracurricular activities
  • Intellectual Curiosity: demonstrates real interest in unfamiliar topics and ability to drive one's own learning  
  • Team Player: works well with others and forms strong and authentic bonds with people of diverse backgrounds 



Complete the application and submit all required documents by March 5, 2023, including:

  • General background (personal, family, academic) information
  • High school transcript (including first semester senior grades)
  • Standardized Test Scores (*optional but recommended)
  • Essay (500-word limit) explaining how you became interested in a career in finance and why you want to become an ATLAS Fellow
  • Additional sample of written work (650-word limit) - i.e. Common App Essay, core subject research paper, etc.
  • Two Recommendations (core subject teacher, counselor/advisor/supervisor)
  • Family Income and EFC



Applicants selected for the second round will take part in an interview.  Interviews will be held late March 2023.  Applicants will be asked to share their goals for the future and how this program will allow them to achieve these goals.




Fellowship recipients will be selected and notified early April, 2023.   

Before you begin the application:

Please ensure that you have all of the following materials available to you and ready to submit/upload:  

  • Transcript (including first-semester senior year grades)
  • Contact information for your recommenders (core subject teacher, counselor/advisor/supervisor) 
  • Essay (500-word limit) - Write an essay about how you first became interested in a career in finance and why you want to become an ATLAS Fellow. (word or pdf files only)
  • Sample of written work (650-word limit) - i.e. Common App essay, core subject essay (word or pdf files only)
  • Standardized Test Scores* (optional but recommended)
  • Parent Income statements & FAFSA EFC
Applicants who make it to the second round of the selection process may be asked to provide further documentation to support aspects of the application including household income, college enrollment, financial aid package, etc.
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Applicant & Family Background Information

Contact Information

Personal & Family Background

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Academic Information

High School Info

Academic Record

SAT (Superscore) - *optional

ACT (Best Single Sitting) - *optional

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Required Documents & Materials


Write an essay about how you first became interested in a career in finance and why you want to become an ATLAS Fellow. (Word Limit - 500 words)

Sample of Written Work
Please upload a sample of your written work here.  Acceptable samples include your Common Application personal statement; supplemental essays from college applications; or completed essays or assignments from core subjects such as English, business, science.  (Word Limit - 650 words) 

Letters of Recommendation
Please submit the names and contact information for your TWO recommenders.  Please choose a core subject teacher from your school for at least one recommender.  Your second recommender may be your school or college counselor, your supervisor, or similar professional who has insight into who you are academically or professionally. Your recommenders will receive a Recommendation form by email.  Please note - the Recommender deadline is Monday, March 12th.   

High School Transcript
Please upload your official high school transcript that includes the most recent semester.